Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspiration: Passionate purple

I am totally loving the color violet!

Spotlight: Brandon Kidd Photography

Meet Brandon Kidd.

(on the left)

He is one of the few people who can take fantastic (and dreamy) detail shots!
If you look closer in the right picture, you can see two shooting stars.

Besides the fact that he takes beautiful photos, he also gives a portion of his profit to charity.  Can you believe he took this photo?!

I've seen this picture numerous times before  on television!

Spotlight: Xquisite Events

What can I say about them?  They are UH.MAZING.  One thing I love about them is they are so unique, so creative, so unconventional...okay, that's 3 things, but I love the fact that they try to make each tabletop really different from each other, which I think makes the room much more interesting to see.  Here are some of their best work:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Macarons! To die for....

Don't let the look of this simple pastry fool you!  When you bite into it, the puff crumbles and you can taste the goo of the filling.  This is a must-have for your bridal/wedding showers or other special occasions!  Go get 'em now!

Fun Bridesmaid treat!

A fun engagement shoot

I love seeing couples who are truly themselves.  This engagement shoot look so cute and fun!

The most magical proposal

The best and most magical proposal I've ever seen seen!

Real Wedding: Jhulie and Jeremy

This was the first couple who inspired me to have an elegant wedding.  Here are my friends, Jhulie and Jeremy.  Jeremy just adores Jhulie and I know Jhulie adores Jeremy just as much, which make them such a beautiful couple to see.  Their color scheme was so unique and the outcome came out to be so classy and elegant.